Walk Thru the OT

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Coming September 11th! Walk Thru the Old Testament!

Experience the Bible Like Never Before!

Join us on September 11, 2022 for an interactive, memorable, relevant, exciting, and fun Walk Thru the Old Testament Live Event! Using the exclusive Walk Thru the Bible memory system, a certified Walk Thru the Bible Instructor will guide us through the Old Testament in a way you’ve never experienced! You won’t want to miss it! The live event will serve as the launch for the God’s Grand Story Six-Week Bible Adventure in the Old Testament.

  • 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Lunch Provided
  • Appropriate for older children and up!
  • Great for believers and unbelievers to learn about the Bible!
  • $25 / person

See our below for promotional videos.

Sign up today by clicking here, or clicking the image above!!

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