Dear friends,

Unfortunately, due to current restrictions, we have decided to cancel Super Summer Slam 2020. We believe this is the best way to care for the children and our volunteers at this time.

The state government has Lackawanna County going yellow June 5th, and we have no idea when they will have us go to Green. Yellow restrictions limit us to 25 or fewer gathering.

Churches are considered essential businesses, and as such, we could operate under those guidelines. However, the CDC has recommended that for camps, the children maintain distances of 6 feet, and they must wear masks.

With the facilities and programming we do for Super Summer Slam, maintaining 6 feet distance between children problematic. Also, we feel it would not be good for the children to wear masks in the summer heat and humidity. This could cause other health issues for them.

Sadly, we felt the best course of action is to cancel Super Summer Slam for this year, and hope things will return to normal for next year.

We are considering doing an Awesome Autumn Adventure, a weekend event for families in the fall. This is in the preliminary thought stages at this point. Please stand by for future information as we work this out.

In His Grace,

Pastor Mike Measley